Software related questions

Can we track different subjects?

There is no limit to the number of subjects that can be specified in EMMA. Our off line software tracks English, speaking and listening, reading, writing, maths and science.

Can we set up groups and set up different pupil 'variables' ?

There is no limit to the number of pupil variables and groups that can be set up, such as ethnicity, language competence, attendance, teaching sets etc. All data can be analysed for each variable and group.

What about EYFS?

Fully functional tracking and analysis of EYFS is included, covering all areas of learning, age related bands and points.

Which national curriculum key stages are covered?

EMMA covers the national curriculum up to the end of Key Stage 4.

What about mixed aged classes and sets?

Pupils in mixed aged classes to be tracked by class, by cohort and by age. Sets also can be easily be tracked by EMMA. Tutorials are provided on how to do this.

Can EMMA track results for EAL pupils, vulnerable pupils or pupils from different ethnic groups?

A range of school based variables can be easily added, such as gender, ethnicity, mobility, EAL level, sets etc. Pupils can be tracked against any of these variables. Tracking against intervention is built into the software.

We want to track half termly as well as termly. Can EMMA do this?


Can P levels be used?

EMMA allows both the use of P levels for pupils on the SEN register working below Level 1 and 'ELG' for other pupils working below Level 1.