Image of young child working in class.

How We Work With Schools

EMMA has from the outset been much more than just a company providing software; all of us involved in 'EMMA' work regularly in schools, providing a range of training and support.

Our software arose out of work with schools, in response to the identified need for teachers to become more actively involved in monitoring the progress of their own pupils. In order to help achieve this, EMMA software was designed from first principles around good assessment practice and the way teachers and schools actually work, for example fully integrating intervention/support into planning and assessment and linking this, in turn, to easy to use analysis.

We take a personal interest in all the schools that we work with and try to provide consistently prompt support to schools that use our software, and high quality training which draws on our experience of working in many schools. We plan any training and consultancy with you so that it meets your needs and will have real impact on outcomes.

We continue to develop 'EMMA', drawing directly on our work in schools and feedback from current users. The latest versions, both online and offline, continue to be unique in their features, functionality and ease of use. We can often add features requested by individual schools.

We are also well aware of the increasing 'tightness' of school budgets and make a genuine effort to keep our costs, and hence our prices, as low as possible. As a result, EMMA software provides outstanding value for money and our training fees are very competitive.