Why Use EMMA

Why Use EMMA - photo of young children learning

With over ten years ongoing development and use in schools in over 50 local authority areas, EMMA's unique features and design really can help improve school management, pupil's progress and raise standards - reflected in the many recommendations made by users in schools and by educational professionals.

EMMA is suitable for Independent, Private and Maintained schools and academies and has a School Group module for oversight of associated schools.

EMMA is an Education Management and Monitoring Application for 'Whole of School' management, rather than just a recording and monitoring system. It is designed to be intuitive, easy to use, fully integrated planning, assessment, management and reporting tool, suitable for primary and secondary schools

  • designed by highly experienced education professionals, to work the way schools work.
  • exceptionally easy for any teacher to use, from scratch
  • unique in the way it integrates not just assessment levels and targets, but also age-related expectations, intervention, APP benchmarking, analysis and reports
  • meticulously developed software that works quickly and smoothly, is robust and 'future proofed'

What users say

What Users Say - descriptive photo of teachers.
  • I think it's an invaluable tool to track children's attainment and progress.
    Deputy headteacher, Newham
    Just spent a morning on an assessment for learning course singing praises of EMMA! Thanks once again it made the whole Ofsted inspection go so well.
    Headteacher, Hackney
    We've just completed our first full year of using EMMA and it has been a real hit with our staff and has been such a useful tool.
    Deputy headteacher , Southwark
  • Many thanks for all your support this year with EMMA. It has been fantastic. We have had 5 new teachers this year and they have all found it easy to use too. We have also been able to convince Ofsted that pupils make good progress and we are now a 'good' school.
    Deputy Headteacher, Devon
  • EMMA has transformed our data processes and is fully embedded in the school. We are now recognised as THE school for data and tracking, which is all thanks to your brilliant system. Ofsted graded our assessment processes as 'outstanding and exemplary' which was great and a huge accolade to you. It was easy to achieve this grade!
    Deputy headteacher, Bristol
    EMMA is absolutely fantastic. It does everything that we need.
    Deputy headteacher, Birmingham
  • Myself and my teachers are finding EMMA very useful. It has helped them to take ownership of their data to monitor progress and to adjust groupings of pupils at the start of each term. I am more than pleased with EMMA as it provides me with data that is understandable and useful especially if we were to have an OfSTED. The use of the manuals and self use is very straightforward.
    Headteacher, Dudley
  • EMMA has proved a great success at our school. We have used it for two complete years and it has moved our assessment for learning forward. I can now honestly say that we are on top of intervention so much earlier than we were, and already results are showing through.
    Deputy headteacher, Bromley
    We are really finding EMMA useful and our staff are very happy with the way it has reduced their work load.
    Deputy headteacher, Newham
  • I have been working through EMMA, and have been impressed by how simple it is to work. I could follow the directions very easily, it is very intuitive.
    Deputy headteacher, Southwark
    EMMA is really assisting in our efforts to drive up standards and has given teachers a clear focus on the levels of attainment we should be expecting (and getting) from our pupils.
    Headteacher, Staffordshire
  • I think EMMA is great...it has given class teachers ownership of their children's progress and the analysis sheets are great to show governors using percentages. We use EMMA to inform our pupil progress meetings and it really highlights children who are "coasting".
    Headteacher, Kent
  • EMMA software has provided the school with a wonderful user friendly tool with which we are able to set targets and track individual pupil progress effectively. The program also enables our teachers to monitor progress for cohorts and groups of pupils by gender, SEN and a range of other characteristics, thus giving a really comprehensive view of the school's effectiveness to inform our improvement plans.
    Headteacher, Bromley