General questions

If we place an order, how soon will we be able to start using the software?

EMMA on line will normally be ready for use within two days of placing an order. EMMA off line is available by download from our website (usually the same day an order is placed) or on a disc which we post by first class mail. Discs include all the tutorials, guidance and videos from the website. Passwords and licence numbers are supplied by email.

What are the differences between EMMA on line and EMMA off line? Do we need both?

Both online and offline software share common functionality. EMMA has the advantage that it can be accessed from any computer anywhere and it also contains some very significant additional features over the off line software. EMMA off line does not require an internet connection.

It is not necessary for schools to purchase both on line and off line software. For many schools EMMA will cover most of your needs and its licence fee includes all EMMA software. If you wish to have the additional flexibility to work without having an internet connection all the time or wish to work most of the time off line, then it would be worth purchasing the offline software. Off line software is a one-off purchase with upgrades being covered by the licence fee.

How secure is our online data?

All EMMA on line data is stored on a secure, encrypted server and is backed up regularly. Users can also back up data themselves on line as often as they wish.

What about setting up EMMA?

We provide a data management service which includes importing data and full setting up so that the system is completely ready for use. Contact us for details.

What about help and support after purchase?

All our software contains easy to follow built in support and tutorials and videos are provided to licencees. We also provide an excellent support service and all queries are dealt with promptly.

Do we need training to use EMMA?

EMMA was designed from the outset to be intuitive and easy to use and, as already mentioned, very clear guidance is provided which many schools find sufficient.

Our training is also popular and can be tailored to meet schools needs. Our training for teachers is set in the context of the processes needed to ensure assessment and tracking help raise standards, as well covering the technical aspects of using the software. We also provide training for school administrators. Please contact us for details.

Can data be imported from other programmes? Can we import data from previous years?

Both current and previous years' data is easily importable and exportable in all the EMMA software. We provide templates for importing data into EMMA.