Attainment, progress and targets can be analysed by levels and point scores. All analyses can be done for classes and cohorts and user specified groups and by variables such as attendance, EAL , ethnicity, intervention, attainment groupings, gender etc. Data can be displayed as tables, editable graphs, bar charts and our exclusive and very useful progress grid

A wide variety of analyses are possible using the built-in and very easy to use analysis facilities, for example:

  • Actual and targeted progress between any combinations of terms, years or key stages in levels and point scores
  • Forecasted to attain level 4 in English and mathematics, from any start year and also actually attaining this performance measure.
  • Meeting, exceeding or not meeting targets
  • Working above, at or below age-related levels of attainment
  • Impact of intervention in specific areas on attainment and progress

EMMA has a number of unique reports, including for example, progress of multiple groups of pupils over any time scale, in a single report.